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  8PM Whisky

When the clock strikes 8PM, India's "Thaath"reaches a crescendo. No wonder, 8PM is the first brand in the liquor industry More...
  Royal Whytehall Whisky

Whytehall - Classic Deluxe Whisky is a distinguished blend of aged scotch malts and the finest Indian spirits, skilfully blended to give a rich, warm, More...
  After Dark Whisky

The Thought :
The Night has different Connotations for different people, the night unfolds differently and brings a unique world of desire,
  Magic Moments Vodka

What better way to zing up life than Magic Moments. India's largest selling vodka across all price points was launched with an international packaging More...
  Magic Moments Remix Vodka

Magic Moments vodka
has a variant called Remix flavored vodka. Remix has 6 flavors – orange, green apple, lemon, lemongrass & ginger, raspberry and chocolate. More...

RadicoKhaitan enhanced its straddle of premium offerings by launching Verve Magic Moments Vodka. Verve possesses a perfect blend of purity and smoothness with a unique 5 stage slow . More...
Ready to Drink

There's a wild breed out there! Waiting to pounce on the unusual. Willing to go that extra mile. Fighting endlessly to kick the boring out of their lives. That breed of non-conformists now have their fuel. More...
  Contessa Rum

Contessa Rum is another millionaire brand from the straddle of RadicoKhaitan. Lauched in the regular price point segment.
  8 PM Bermuda Rum

8 PM Bermuda Rum
is an extension of our flagship whisky brand, 8 PM, into the rum segment.
  Old Admiral Brandy

Old Admiral is a splendid brandy for real men of honour. Savour a stimulating, rich blend of its fine taste and incredibly rich sensations.

  8 PM Excellency Brandy

8 PM
Excellency Brandy carries the 8 PM brand umbrella further into the brandy segment.
  Morpheus brandy

For those who value taste, there's always the spirit of France. Containing the texture of warm soils, fragrant scents and all the richness of tropical weather, it's rich blend is truly irresistible.

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