Radico made its foray into the International Markets a few years ago and today is one of the leading exporter of beverage alcohol from India. Radico brands are present in over 60 countries and have built a strong equity with the consumers. Consistent product quality and innovative packaging have been the hallmark of our International product offerings. The local markets are fully supported by Marketing, Advertising & Promotional activities.

We offer an exhaustive range of Brands in Whisky, Vodka, Rum, Brandy and Gin in varying pack sizes as well as Alcohol strength to meet the local market requirements. We also offer a unique 5cl Sachet pack for greater market penetration and trials.

Magic Moment's Vodka and Morpheus Brandy have already started creating waves in the International Markets and are available in some of the most evolved markets including USA, Canada, UK, Singapore, etc. Our brands are also available at some of the prestigious Airport Duty Free shops worldwide.

Radico is also one of the largest Distillers of Ethyl Alcohol in Asia. We produce Extra Neutral Alcohol from Molasses as well as Grain. We also produce Malt Spirit. Can offer Aged Grain spirit as well as Matured Malt spirit varying from 1 to 5 Years. Have facilities to export in HDPE Barrels, IBCs as well as ISO Tanks.

Contact person : Mr. Sanjeev Banga
President - International Business
Email : bangas@radico.co.in

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