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Rampur Distillery is one of the largest and most efficiently-run distilleries in India manufacturing high grade Extra Neutral Spirit (ENA) from Molasses and Grain with a production capacity of 75 Million Litres p.a. of molasses ENA and 30 million p.a. of Grain Neutral Spirit, it has taken the capacity upto 105 million lit p.a which make it one of the largest distilleries in the country.

The Unit is self-sufficient in meeting the fuel and power requirement by way of backward integration of utilizing its effluent for generating the bio-gas which, in turn, is utilized for generating the steam and power for its captive requirement.

Rampur Distillery also manufactures various brands of IMFL and Country Liquor.   Besides meeting the domestic requirement, various IMFL brands are being sold out of country.

The Unit has a series of firsts to its credit:
  It is the first Indian distillery to obtain ISO 9001:2000 certification
  It has achieved capacity utilization of over 100% in the alcohol plant
  It is the first environment-friendly distillery in the country
Production Capacity
Molasses Distillery 75 million litres per annum
Grain Distillery 30 million litres per annum
Malt Distillery 460 thousands liters per annum
The overall licensed capacity has been increased to 125 million liters per annum
Effluent Treatment Plant
The effluent Treatment Facility in Rampur Distillery is unique in nature when compared among and in the Industry. The Distillery complies with Zero Discharge concept set up by CPCB. The treatment has varied by products, which not only improves operational stability of the plants but also adds on to company's profitability. Primary Treatment of the Effluent yields Bio Gas, which is used as fuel in Cogen Boiler to generate steam and then Power through a backpressure Turbine. The backpressure steam is used again in the Distillation Plant to produce Extra Neutral Alcohol and Rectified Spirit.
Environmentally Friendly
Meeting out 100% Pollution Control norms, the Treated Effluent is not discharged outside and in turn is mixed and cured with organic mass like Press Mud of Sugar Mills and suitable organic manures to manufacture Bio Manure or Bio Compost, a bio fertilizer used successfully in growing the crop of sugar canes etc.
Cogeneration Plant

The cogeneration plant of Rampur Distillery consist of 26 MT capacity India's first stand alone Bio Gas fired steam boiler and 2 MW Turbine Generator and 30 MT capacity Bio- Gas and Rice Husk based boiler and 2.5 MW  in tandem to make Radico Khaitan self reliant on its requirement for power for its normal operation.

Backward Integration

The very first backward integration project has come in the form of setting up a fully automatic 750 ml Kidney shape PET bottle manufacturing plant in low cost and tax benefited area like Uttranchal. The unit started with production rate of 0.85 crore bottles per year in October 2004 and is now geared up to produce 60 crore PET bottles to cater Radico's own captive consumption of approx. 30 crore bottles per year and rest is being sold to outside clients in liquor, pharmaceutical and FMCG. The unit has not only eliminated the pressure of PET bottle suppliers but has also provided a kind of diversified manufacturing base for future business exploration

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