Rampur Distillery

Rampur Distillery is one of the largest and the most efficiently-run distilleries in India. It is spread over 100 acres of lush green campus with a high level of security systems. The distillery produces high-grade Extra Neutral Alcohol (“ENA”) from molasses, grains and Scottish design malt spirit from barley malt. The unit is self-sufficient in meeting the fuel and power requirements by the way of backward integration. It utilizes the effluents to generate biogas, which is utilized for generating the steam and power for its captive requirement. Rampur Distillery also manufactures various IMFL brands and country liquor. Besides meeting the domestic requirement, a large volume of the premium brands of IMFL are exported to over more than 80 countries, including the USA and Europe. The company’s prized possession, “Rampur single malt Whisky” is named after the Rampur distillery.

The distillery has achieved various milestones such as:

  • First Indian distillery to obtain ISO 9001:2000 certification, presently complying ISO 9001:2015 for Quality Management System & ISO 22000:2005 for Food & Safety Management.
  • Capacity utilization of almost 100% in the alcohol plant.
  • Rampur Distillery is an environment-friendly distillery

    Production Capacity:

    It has an overall alcohol production capacity of 102.46 million liters per annum:

  • 2.6 Million liters of Malt Spirit
  • 33 Million liters of Grain ENA
  • 66.86 Million liters of Molasses ENA
  • It has one of the largest malt spirit maturation facility of 2.6 million liters per annum, wherein a high quality of malt spirit is matured in imported American Standard Oakwood barrels for its niche premium brands.

    Rampur distillery has recently added state-of-the-art craft gin manufacturing facilities of international standards that produced brand Jaisalmer Indian Craft Gin. It has an in-house sophisticated laboratory equipped with International Standard Analytical Instruments for product quality assurance.

    Rampur distillery has a production capacity of about 10 million cases of IMFL per annum with high speed fully automatic bottling lines and over 10 million cases per annum of Country Liquor (CL). Most of the lines are having latest technology with Robotic Solutions, installed for the first time in any Indian distillery.

    Effluent Treatment Plant

    The effluent treatment facility at the Rampur distillery complies with zero discharge concept set up. Primary treatment of the effluent yields biogas. The effluent volume is reduced further to 25% through MEE, RO & utilised finally in bio-composting.

    Cogeneration Plants

    Rampur distillery has its own power & steam generating units:

  • India’s first 26 MT biogas fired boiler connected with 2 MW power generating turbine
  • 30 MT dual feed boiler having biogas and rice husk as a fuel with 2.5 MW turbine
  • 3 nos. biogas fired gen-sets with 1.2 MW each power generation
  • Radico Khaitan is almost self-reliant in power requirement.

    Backward Integration

    Radico Khaitan Limited has a PET bottle manufacturing facility in Uttarakhand having fully automatic single stage imported Japanese Machines. The plant produces more than 600 million bottles per annum. It is operative since almost more than one & half decade and caters uninterruptedly to its own brands and also to other liquor, pharmaceutical, and FMGC companies.

    It has its own bottle printing and decoration plants with the latest German technology for prestigious brands like Magic Moments Vodka, After Dark Fine Grain Whisky, and Morpheus Premium Brandy.