Electra RTD

A unique offering in the ‘Ready-to-drink’ segment in the alcohol and beverages category, Radico Khaitan’s Magic Moments Electra is a vibrant product which is the first ever ‘Ready-to-drink’ Vodka Cocktail. It is available in two different variants based on the need of the consumers, who either look for a ‘light’ or a ‘strong’ alcohol volume in their cocktail. So Magic Moments Electra 8.0 (launched in 2015) is for people who like their drink strong, whereas 4.8% (launched in 2018) is the ‘Light’ one for consumers who like to take it light on their palate.

The flavourful, all-natural blend of Magic Moments Electra, with no artificial colours and flavours is unique. Inline with the increasing cocktail trend in the Indian market, Electra 8 and 4.8 provides 4 different options for consumers which are Cosmopolitan, Appletini, Agent Orange, Mojito, and taking into consideration changing consumer tastes and demands there are many more to come. This nonpareil offering in terms of product, flavour and taste has been resonating very well with the consumers. The brand rests on the strength of Magic Moments Vodka, which has been ruling the roost since inception. What’s more, that it comes with this unique hassle free ring pull-off cap which makes it “on the go” drink and an attractive packaging. An extremely relatable branding and communication for the young and lively consumers as a part of the robust marketing plan, Radico successfully carved a niche in the RTD segment with Magic Moments Electra first ever Vodka Cocktails.